Responsive Web Design

Image displaying Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design [riˈspänsiv]noun

A coding technique which creates a website that responds to the device that accesses it and delivers the appropriate output for it. Rather than designing multiple sites for different-sized devices, this approach designs one site but specifies how it should appear on varied devices.

Why responsive sites?

We believe in providing optimal value while staying on the cutting edge of web design. Preparing a responsive site for your company allows us to charge you for one site build...rather than one for each device that will access your new website. Additionally, when changes are made, they are made once...saving us time and saving you money. With internet speeds increasing rapidly, the use of handheld devices for browsing and messaging is off the charts. In a world where new browsing devices are created each month, it's nice to know your customer can find you. They'll browse your new website on their iPad, tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop...or maybe all of them at once!